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Caring of your New Puppy


The food is very important. We feed and recommend Royal canin , Pups will normally be eating medium puppy when you get them due to their teeth still being so small. We feed puppies 3 times a day after 12 weeks (sometimes 4) about 1/2 a cup or it may be a little over that if you feel they are yet hungry or puppy is not that chunky. We want them to eat, this is an important growing stage and they need to eat, a lot!
After 6 months you can do 2 times a day and the amount will be adjusted to the size and weight , know that most bags will bring the amount you should feed related to the weight so you can get a good idea of what to feed.


Something that will fit  in the washer and I say this because they can have accidents on them at first. People love the deal in Costco beds but they don't always fit in washers. make sure its washer friendly and you will be fine.


We recommend elevated dishes

It’s VERY IMPORTANT that your dog’s feeding time, be a quiet time. Allow him or her to eat in peace. Having more than one dog, we always allow one dog to eat in the pantry and the other to eat in our dining room.

Feeding time should be a quiet, relaxing time — before and after the dog actually eats.

This breed like English bulldogs,  tend to eat very fast and can choke easily so recommend watching them eat. They also like to push or turn the bowl upside down so the elevated dishes will eliminate that problem and also we think its a better posture for them to eat. But its up to you and what you like. You will need stainless steels bowls not plastic ones,  the plastic ones can accumulate dirt too easy and its not sanitary plus the stainless are very easy and dishwasher safe too.


Hide your favorite shoes! Yes, they like to chew, specially when young as they are teething and its impossible to ask them not too.

The best solution we have found is nylabone bones.

Nothing too small to swallow and nothing that breaks apart and they can chew. The key is to find the chew bones where they can get that urge out of the way but still being safe for them.

No greenies, no rawhide bones(very dangerous as they can choke on them too easily)

Fluffy squeaky toys are fine. We normally always give you the pups favorite toys to you when they leave.

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