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Our Available Adults

Sometimes we have adults that become available.
Some may be retired breeders that we have purchased or raised but that will do better in a house being the only dog,  or without cats, or women only etc.
Please ONLY if you are interested, SERIOUS and READY to offer a home to one of our adults contact us. We require an application since we need to be able to match the dog to the perfect home, that means sometimes the dog you may like won't be the right one for your home. Looks are not everything, the forever home MUST be the right one for them.
Shipping is not available for our adults outside of Florida. If you are a previous client and can drive to pick them up we can allow that.
A fenced in backyard is a requirement and a non negotiable condition (unless you live in a condo) if you have a pool it must be fenced in as well. Our dogs have never been around pools and cannot send them into retirement to a home where they can accidentally drown (second cause of death in this breed followed by heatstroke) Understand we have this condition in place due to issues in the past.
Please when contacting us, elaborate on why you are a good home for any of our girls. Placing our adults is one of the hardest decisions as a breeder but ultimately is a seflless one, because we recognize they will be happier somewhere else.

Adoption fees applies


5 year old Fiona is the definition of a couch potato! She is a calm, sweet and perks up at feeding time of course. she loves sitting on our laps and shes a little chunky but in her mind she is 5 pounds!
goood with dogs and kids
Adoption fee $600


2 year old sweet pied girl. She is very sweet and playful a friend to any dog she meets. Adopton fee $700



2.5 year old little fluffy gal! She has blue eyes and is a sweet playful girl but not hyper! a little bossy so a home with fewer dogs is ideal.
Adoption fee $700



Fury is a 3 year old stuning lilac and tan boy. He is super happy and absolutely loves playing with toys and being with people.

He is an amazing dog that would make a fantastic pet, but must be the only dog male in the house.

Adoption fee $700


Ant Man

2 year olf fluffy teddy bear! Ant man loves hugs and is a total dork. He is a very sweet guy! playful and just wants attention and snacks. good with dogs but will not place with another male. Adoption fee $700


Zoe is a one year old playful girl. She is a dominat female so wont do well with small dogs or submissive dogs. Prefer her to be with a male dog or alone.

Adoption fee $700



Dreamy is a little 3 year old girl!

She is super human friendly and so cuddly and loving but must be the only dog.

Will consider a home with a lab, no smaller dogs and no aggressive breeds.

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