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Sometimes we have adults that become available.
Some may be retired breeders that we have purchased or raised but that will do better in a house being the only dog,  or without cats, or women only etc.
Please ONLY if you are interested, SERIOUS and READY to offer a home to one of our adults contact us We require an application since we need to be able to match the dog to the perfect home, that means sometimes the dog you may like won't be the right one for your home. Looks are not everything the forever home for them MUST be the right one.
Shipping is not available for our adults outside of Florida. If you are a previous client and can drive to pick them up we can allow that.
Please when contacting us elaborate on why you are a good home for any of our girls.

Adoption fees applies



2 year old Summer is the happiest little gal. She is really an absolute joy., loves anyone people and dogs. no cats, she didn't grow up with them so will take some training.
Adoption fee $1000



Born 10/2 
such a playful little sweet girl! she is a very active puppy will need a home with kids and or other dogs!
ears decided to stay down, she is a fluffy. 
Adoption fee $900



3 year old Zafi. I love this girl so much but she is not a friend of our cats so looking to find a couch where she can be the queen she is. She is a total teddy bear, loves cuddling and hugs, loves the pool and to sit infant of a fan. Her life is simple!
6 feel privacy fence required, she is agile and can jump a 4 foot fence. She is a Fluffy.
Adoption fee $850 



2 year old Leila.
Black and white fluffy girl, never bred.
She is a little on the shy side at first, her sister likes to to steal the show so she has always been a follower. very friendly with other pups and on the smaller side.



Born 9/5 this beautiful chocolate fluffy is now available as a pet. We kept him for a future stud but decided we want a smaller framed boy, he is not big ,we just need smaller to shrink some lines that tend to run on the larger side.
He is a playful boy, would love a home with other dogs, he is friendly and playful great age and stunning fluffy coat with red color.
Has not been around cats.
Adoption fee $1500

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