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Caring of your new Puppy


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Below we have put together all the necessary information you may need about bringing a puppy home and first steps of caring for him/her.

We are available for lifetime support if you need us or have a specific question on your new baby.

When it comes to the care of your new puppy i am sure a lot of things and questions come to mind. Not everyone will be 100 % ready and that is ok!

This is like bringing a baby home, the house and you have to be ready!.

The fun part?

Be ready to have your shoes moved from one room to the other, basically you will be shoe hunting for a while!

Chewing?yeah there will be some chewing. Potty accidents?


This is a puppy, they will need direction, patience, discipline and everyone in the household must be ready to help.

Let start with new environments. When the puppy arrives to your home, a new environment, he/she will be confused. They have never been there, they don't know their way in or out, they don't know you, or the other dogs in the house( if any).

So the first key here is patience and repetition. You will start by taking the puppy outside every 3 hours to show him/her the way to go outside and go potty.

Always use the same door so its the same routine, if you are going for a walk because you live in an apartment, its the same thing , you put the leash on his harness and go.

You will also take him/her out: 

1. after he/she woke up from a nap

2.drinks a lot of water 

3.finished a meal.

Any sort of food will make pressure in the puppy's stomach and will need to eliminate, so those times you are guaranteed a potty for sure.

All this becomes routine for them and with the repetition they eventually get it.

They don't want to go out?

Welcome to owning a bullie breed!

They are stubborn! So you must find a way to convince them! either you baby talk to them, tell them they will get a treat or go alone and they just may follow you as they are clingy too!

Always supervised the puppy if you have a pool, pond or canal in the back. They are not good swimmers and the second you think it will take you to go inside and look for your phone could cost you their life, we have heard the horror stories so please be mindful!

Always reward good positive behavior, if they do what they had to do, let them know. For treats we like zukes treats, they are natural and use the best ingredients.

If you have a dog at home that is already potty trained, that's a huge plus right there!

You may not even realize it but this is just like an older sibling, they will learn SO much from him/her. Let them be dogs and watch how the puppy follows and does the same things, its still surprising to us to watch a baby copy an adult and tricks, its beautiful!




The food is very important. We feed and recommend Royal canin , Pups will normally be eating medium puppy when you get them due to their teeth still being so small.

click bag below for link







Their specially design kibble is great for the breed, remember brachycephalic breeds jaw design its very different than other breeds, so the wrong food will not be chewed, it will be swallowed and that is not a good thing. They can actually chew with this food and digest the food better.

Also, good quality food on this frog babies will mean less gas! yes be ready to own a smelly gas machine, this is part of the breed and the food makes the difference, trust me.

We feed puppies 3 times a day after 12 weeks (sometimes 4) about 1/2 a cup or it may be a little over that if you feel they are yet hungry or puppy is not that chunky. We want them to eat, this is an important growing stage and they need to eat, a lot!

After 6 months you can do 2 times a day and the amount will be adjusted to the size and weight , know that most bags will bring the amount you should feed related to the weight so you can get a good idea of what to feed.

Bowls and dishes

We recommend elevated dishes

It’s VERY IMPORTANT that your dog’s feeding time, be a quiet time. Allow him or her to eat in peace. Having more than one dog, we always allow one dog to eat in the pantry and the other to eat in our dining room.

Feeding time should be a quiet, relaxing time — before and after the dog actually eats.

This breed like English bulldogs,  tend to eat very fast and can choke easily so recommend watching them eat. They also like to push or turn the bowl upside down so the elevated dishes will eliminate that problem and also we think its a better posture for them to eat. But its up to you and what you like. You will need stainless steels bowls not plastic ones,  the plastic ones can accumulate dirt too easy and its not sanitary plus the stainless are very easy and dishwasher safe too.




Hide your favorite shoes! Yes, they like to chew, specially when young as they are teething and its impossible to ask them not too.

The best solution we have found is nylabone bones.

Nothing too small to swallow and nothing that breaks apart and they can chew. The key is to find the chew bones where they can get that urge out of the way but still being safe for them.

No greenies, no rawhide bones(very dangerous as they can choke on them too easily)

Fluffy squeaky toys are fine. We normally always give you the pups favorite toys to you when they leave.




Something that will fit  in the washer and I say this because they can have accidents on them at first. People love the deal in Costco beds but they don't always fit in washers. make sure its washer friendly and you will be fine.

Crate or no crate?

There are many beliefs, so we will recommend what has worked for us.

The truth is a puppy is like a baby, he/she will find anything you lost under the bed, chew it, swallow it, or play with it.

If it were to chew and swallow something that can harm him/her, here comes the possible trip to the vet and this depending on what they ate, a very expensive bill.

We believe when a dog when its completely potty trained, behaved and you know how he/she will do when unsupervised, they can have the run of the house and can have an open crate for sleeping or going in for comfort, as long as they like that.

Having a crate can also be useful if you have a party and you don't want them to be running loose in the house when someone can leave a front door open or the backyard open and if there is a pool that can also be dangerous.

A crate is not a punishment, it is supposed to be a safe place. Some dogs don't like it, or need it.

But for puppies, it is a good idea. When you leave the house you will have piece of mind that they are in a safe place, where they cant get into a plug or be chewing anything that can harm them.

As babies they are used to being in a crate with the other puppies and its a safe place where they eat, play and also nap. They are raised that way so its something we recommend just for their safety.

It doesn't necessarily be a crate, it can  also be a play pen, we recommend

the playpen for babies/pets, any petstore and amazon has great choices, its worked out great for us.





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